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Our Sushi are so good for you. They are handcrafted by our chefs and are made with only natural ingredients. They are low calorie, low salt, packed with Omega 3 and absolutely scrumptious. When you tuck into any of our sushi, you will see for yourself why we say “Love at First Bite”. We prepare everything ourselves to the highest safety standards and check our products ‘00s a times a day to make sure that Just Tuck In Sushi is the same great tasting experience every time.!



We only use natural ingredients in all our products including carefully selected vegetables and herbs. We use British produce and British Chicken and sustainable Scottish Salmon to support and promote British farmers. All our recipes are authentic fusion 21st century Sushi for a modern age made with all Japanese ingredients where the recipe dictates and new modern healthy ingredients where we feel we can do better.


Healthy Option

Our sushi are low calorie, and low salt making them a healthy option and an ideal lunch for you to enjoy every day, whether at work or on the go. The vegetarian sushi is also included for our veggie loving consumers.


Quality Assurance

When you see our “Just Tuck In” logo, you can be rest assured that it is not only a great tasting quality product, it is also made from natural ingredients. We will never use any additives, preservatives, artificial colouring in any of our manufactured products. This is our promise to you.



Our products are handmade daily and delivered within a few hours of being made. We only use the freshest possible ingredients to ensure our products are at their best when they reach our valued consumers. They each have a 3 day shelf life. We never, ever compromise on the quality of the ingredients we use and source the freshest fish, and vegetables from the nearest sustainable source keeping our supply chain as quick and effective as possible.


See it for yourself

Our products are packed with goodness, full of natural flavour and good for you too!. Even if you have tried Sushi before, we can assure you that you will be wonderfully surprised how good our individual sushi, Bento, Sushi sandwiches and Wagashi snowball dessert are and how quickly Just Tuck In will become part of your ideal packed lunch. 



Consumer health & safety has highest priority at “Just Tuck In” and we cannot stress enough how important it is to maintain a correct temperature when storing foods, therefore we constantly check and monitor to make sure that our products are stored below 4 degree Celsius at all times. We recommend all our suppliers maintain this storage temperature for our products.



We are SALSA (Safe and Local Supplier Approval) accredited supplier. Our SALSA Audit Certificate can be requested by email. 


impressed with the presentation, food tasted amazing. Thumbs up thank you very much

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