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JTI Special Sushi Selection Platter

Sushi Platters are perfects for all occasions. We have a variety of Sushi Platters for you to choose from for any type of events.

  • Handcrafted 
  • Simply Sushi-licilous
  • Made with Natural Ingredients

Product Information

This platter consists of 48 pieces:

Cucumber Maki x 8, Prawn & Chives Maki x 4

Salmon Maki x 4, Veggie Rolls x 4

Prawn & Chives Roll x 4, Tamago Nigiri x 4

Grill-licious Chicken Roll x 4, Prawn Nigiri x 4

Salmon Nigiri x 4, Salmon Sashimi x 4

Cucumber Maki x 24, Soy Sauce Sachet x 5

Pickled Ginger  Sachet x 5, Wasabi Sachet x 5

Nutritional Facts

  • Naturally Low Calorie 
  • Ultimately Healthy Option
  • Packed with Good Nutrients

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