Why Just Tuck In

So why choose Just Tuck In?

  • Our product is NATURAL, SCRUMPTIOUS, FILLING and consistent QUALITY. prepared daily
  • Our product is the ultimate healthy choice, - nothing unnatural added and always SUSTAINABLE.
  • Our product is CONVENIENT,READY TO EAT or available in platter portions to present the way you want.
  • Want something new and exciting? Just ask us about WAGASHI SNOWBALLS DESSERTS SUSHI or SUSHI SANDWICHES 


  • We are TOTALLY CUSTOMER FOCUSED and take your suggestions and feedback very seriously.
  • We are SALSA approved, Insured with our own Chilled supply chain in place  
  • Just Tuck In keeps its inventory small and manageable so we are as efficient as we can be.
  • EVERYTHING we do is with flair and personality  - we are great people to do business with!

Will C

I had a business lunch which was catered by these guys. The food was delivered piping hot and the range of curries and rice were delicious. Not often you have a business lunch and feel full!

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